Getting to know the Golden Girl

44840_10151310383136908_3474274_nDid you ever realize that you are born with a voice, but you need to learn words in order to control it? I didn’t. In fact I didn’t even realize that I needed to use and bend and manipulate these words to use my voice and make it be heard. I also didn’t realize the power that would come from that. I didn’t realize it could be addicting.

Growing up as the baby of the family- I had this fear of speaking up. Of saying something that was irrelevant, a waste of time, space and breath. But as a Political Science Major, I am learning that there is so much that needs to be said. We live in a political environment. Whether you love or hate it, it is unavoidable. As a congressional intern in Washington DC this summer, I learned how to apply my enjoyment of learning new things, especially information about policies, to my writing. The combination of developing this love of manipulating words and learning that there is so much information to be shared with people, writing has given me the strength to speak up, the strength to use my voice, fearlessly and constantly, to communicate with others.

I’m learning to love to write. The ability to take a complicated issue like teaching about gender and creating a platform for discussion that took days of manipulating and bending of words to give off the right tone and prompt the right message. Feeling the power of helping others understand things has also helped me to understand the cathartic aspect of writing. Words can be so powerful when they can connect two strangers over the most personal of moments put down on paper. In my Why I Write  piece, I speak about this deep connection that others can feel from my writing. That what I have to say can matter because it can formulate a relationship outside of everyday conversation and interaction.

My writing, this portfolio, what I am sharing is special. It is my some of my deepest thoughts, my political knowledge but also the sharing of the journey I am on of overcoming the fear of my own voice. Some may say having a voice is easy- speak up for what you want, say how you feel but I don’t believe that is the only way to use your voice. I think we are given a great deal of tools to make our voice worth hearing, to making our voices worth standing out and I’m just in the process of figuring out how to say it.


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